Traditions At Star Truck Rentals

Happy Holidays All:  Today during our lunch hour we carried forward with a long tradition at Star Truck Rentals. We did it a little differently, but then this has been a different year in so many ways. We honored our Employees of the Year, ‘virtually’ in one remote case (Muskegon) and by social distancing and “masked up” in another case at the Eastern Ave.


Congratulations to Harvey Riley, our parts manager of over 27 years in Muskegon. Harvey was described by his nominators Angelica Fillmore and Tim Hepfer as having a “crazy memory for people and parts”……….a “valued friend” to many, and a person always willing to cover for others during absences. And Harvey’s great with parts too………he closed this year’s inventory with a variance of less than $200. Great job Harvey (and thanks for the lesson in arithmetic; I had subtracted the year 1993 from 2020, and announced he has worked with us for 18 years; good thing I’m not trusted with numbers or anything!) Harvey received a special plaque and $500 in commemoration.


Congratulations also to Jim Herban, an 8 year tech at Eastern Ave. GR. Jim is a “go–to” technician often sought out for his “dedication to finding solutions.” He was described as “kind, patient, and respectful to others”, all important qualities of our employees of the year and characteristic of what makes Star a great company. He’s always ready to do ”whatever is necessary” in all kinds of weather. Jim also was given a personalized plaque and 5 crisp 100 dollar bills. (I think that equals $500).


With confidence I can predict that we’ll carry forward with this tradition in person next year when we resume our annual Christmas celebration at Grand Traverse Resort. Please plan on it.


Meanwhile, we also are continuing our long tradition of honoring folks for “years of service” – i.e., those hitting 5, 10, 15, etc. years of service are recognized with a special gift. These will be coming out shortly in the mail.


We are fortunate to be blessed with a great number of talented, productive and valued team members here at Star…………thank you to everyone and Happy New Year! (and good riddance to the old year!!!!)


Thomas L. Bylenga, President

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