Michigan State Certifications

How much does it cost?

Each certification test has a $6.00 fee paid when taking the test.

Are there any study guides available?

The State of Michigan offers a very basic overview of the types of questions on each certification located Here.

I passed my test at the SoS office what happens now?

To become certified, you must complete an application for certification, Form AR-0018 (which is sent with your test result letter) and return the application with the $25 fee to the Office of Investigative Services. You may make application for certification in any number of repair categories at one time and pay a single application fee of $25. If you pass more tests after you become certified and your certification is current, an amended certificate with the new categories added will automatically be mailed to you at no extra cost.

There is also a list of frequently asked questions 


If your certification has been expired for more than 12 months, call (888) 767-6424 for instructions.

IF YOU ALLOW YOUR CERTIFICATION TO EXPIRE you may not work as a certified mechanic. Also, you will be charged a late
renewal fee of $30 per year, max. $150.

Checks or money orders made payable to: STATE OF MICHIGAN (!NO CASH!)

Mail to:

Michigan Department of State
Business Licensing Section
Lansing, Michigan 48918