Lease Information Stickers

For lease vehicles only

If the unit is a standard full-service lease, there will be a decal located on the upper door jam indicating that it is a normal full-service lease. If there are exceptions to the full-service lease there will be a decal as noted below.

  1. Each of the information stickers will go in the same spot on every truck. They will be placed in the door jam at the center top.
  2. There are different types of stickers for the different types of services that are exceptions to full service showing what was sold to the lease customer. Each unit will have its own sticker for the type of service needed.
  3. Each lease unit will start with a block decal.
  4. you will then determine what services are to be given.


Decal Chart

    • Full Service = Includes all services
    • If there is not a “Full Service” sticker, then there are exceptions as explained below.
  1. The following copies are Full Services with addition to lease:
    • PD = Pickup and delivery are built in the lease
    • ST = This is for the unit that has SUBS built-in for service.
  2. If you see the following copies make sure to follow Company Guidelines:
    • CR = Customer owns reefer unit
    • CB = Customer owns the body
    • CT = No tire maintenance, customer will maintain tires.
    • CO = You need to check the computer and look up the Equipment notes or sales notes to se what is special about this unit.
  3. The following code is for deletion of full service from lease:
    • NW = No washes included with the Full-Service lease.