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Proper troubleshooting of Bendix components requires the most current manual be downloaded from the Bendix website.

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Troubleshooting Manuals

  • Use the Document ID at to download the most current manual
Bendix® Wheel Speed Sensor Checklist Document ID
Bendix® Wheel Speed Sensor Checklist BW2423
Bendix® ABS Troubleshooting Guides EC-80™ Document ID
Bendix® EC-80™ ABS / ATC Controllers (Standard & Premium Models) SD-13-4983
Bendix® ESP® EC-80™ Controller (Advanced Models) SD-13-4986
Bendix® ABS Troubleshooting Guides EC-60™ Document ID
Bendix® EC-60™ ABS / ATC Controllers (Standard & Premium Models) SD-13-4863
Bendix® EC-60™ ABS / ATC / ESP Controllers (Advanced Models) SD-13-4869
Bendix® ABS Troubleshooting Guides EC-30™ Document ID
Bendix® EC-30™ ABS / ATC Controller SD-13-4815
Wingman® Document ID
Bendix®Wingman® Fusion System™ SD-61-4963
Bendix®AutoVue® FLC20 Camera SD-64-20124
SafetyDirect®By Bendix CVS Web Portal Processor SD-65-21025
Bendix®Wingman® Advanced™ – FLR-20 SD-61-4960
Bendix®Wingman® Advanced™ – FLR-10 SD-13-4962
Bendix®Wingman® ACB (Active Cruise with Braking) SD-13-3333
Bendix® Wingman® ACB Active Cruise with Braking Operator’s Manual BW2751
Bendix® Wingman® ACB Active Cruise with Braking Operator’s Manual FLR-20 BW2850
Bendix™ VORAD® VS-400 BW2771
Bendix™ BlindSpotter® Collision Warning System BW2860
AutoVue (Iteris) Lane Departure Warning (LDW) SD-64-4976
SmarTire TPMS Document ID
SmarTire Owner’s Manual BW2799
TPMS Hand Tool Manual BW2809
SmarTire Software Configuration Chart BW2825
IK1700007 – Bendix SmartWave SmarTire Pressure Maintenance System TPMS IK1700007
Component Tests Document ID
Bendix® Tu-Flo® 550 Compressor SD-01-333
Bendix® Tu-Flo® 750 Air Compressor SD-01-344
Bendix® BA-921® SMC Single Cylinder Compressor for Navistar MaxxForce™ 11 AND 13 Big Bore Engines SD-01-1327
Bendix® 360CC Single Cylinder Compressor for Navistar MaxxForce™ 11 AND 13 Big Bore Engines SD-01-3121
Bendix® 720CC Twin Cylinder Compressor For International MaxxForce™ Big Bore Engines SD-01-3131
Bendix TU-FLO 550 AND TU-FLO 750 s04003r
Advanced Troubleshooting Guide for Air Brake Compressors BW1971
Manufactures Technical Bulletin: Compressor Passing Oil TCH-001-045-A
SFN-05-34 Air Compressor Oil Passing Test Kit *Must be used for proper diagnosis* SFN–05–34
Checklist for the Bendix® Air System Inspection Cup (BASIC) Test *Must be used for proper diagnosis* BW2442
Compressor Application Guideline BW2625
Bendix® M-30™ AntiLock Modulator Assembly SD-13-4830
Bendix® M-32™ and M-32QR™ AntiLock Modulators SD-13-4870
IK0400051 – Bendix Air Dryer Troubleshooting All Models IK0400051
Wallcharts & Pads Document ID
Air Brake Component Identification BW1974
Air Brake Component Identification (Spanish) BW1974S
Air Brake Component Identification (French) BW1974F
Air Brake System Troubleshooting BW1231
Air Brake System Troubleshooting BW1396
Troubleshooting Bendix® ESP® Stability System BW2786
School Bus Air Brake System BW1640
Troubleshooting Charging & Air Supply Systems BW1779
Bendix® Air Disc Brake Checklist for Identifying Single Wheel End Thermal Overload BW7514
Brake Shoes – Linings and Hardware Kits BW7243
Other Resources Document ID
Air Pressure Balance and Threshold Pressure Tests BW1555
The Air Brake Handbook BW5057
s4002r – Brake Inspection, Diagnosis and Repair (For reference only) s04002r
IK0400059 – Traction Disable Switch IK0400059
IK0400054 – Tire Size Calibration in ACom IK0400054

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