B pm Inspection Notes

Item 12 – Must show a measurement of free travel before any adjustment. If adjustment is necessary a segment must be written.

Item 26 – Must show pressure reading before any tires are aired.

Item 41 – Be sure an oil sample is taken

Item 58&60 – Must have a recorded measurement at thinnest point.

Item 71 – The protection level must be checked with a refractometer and recorded. If it has green antifreeze and no Penray filter test strip reading number must be recorded.

Item 73 – If it has a Penray filter record the install date & mileage.

Item 85 – The restriction reading must be recorded before resetting. Any units not having a reading must be checked for proper operation.

Item 92 – Be sure batteries are properly checked.

Item 98 – Be sure PM sticker is updated.

Item 99 – Be sure annual inspection sticker is updated.