New Insurance Requirements and Procedures 5/11/2021

From: Dawn Hernandez
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 1:03 PM
To: Star – Rental Managers <>; Star – Branch Managers <>
Cc: Emily Kennedy <>; Kyle Hillman <>
Subject: New Insurance Requirements and Procedures
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I want to update you all on a few insurance changes that Star will be implementing.  By now, you have probably seen the new insurance request form.  Please note that this request includes a workers’ comp requirement.  This is something that Tom and our agent want us to include so that we are covered in the event of a PIP claim.  We are also required to ask for the general liability, with Star Truck Rentals named as an additional insured.  If we get a certificate without these items, we are obligated to go back to the customer and ask for coverage.  However, if we receive pushback from the customer, we will be allowed to accept the certificate with my approval.


An exciting change we are implementing is how we handle insurance regarding over 30-day rentals.  Going forward, we are only going to require scheduling for over 30-day rentals if the original certificate (blanket or “scheduled”) indicates that we need to.  This means we should have far less over 30-day insurance to schedule, which will save quite a bit of time for us all.


So that you can easily tell which customers we need to schedule long-terms for, we are using the following system:  For customers with blanket certificates, it will be indicated in the FA number.  For example, FA30 when we need to schedule over 30-day rentals, FA60 for over 60-day rentals and so on.  If we do not need to schedule over 30-days, the insurance policy number will begin with FANS.  This is similar to the system we already have in place, except that there will be an FA30 and far more FANS policies than before. If long-term rentals on unit-specific policies need to be scheduled, there will be an SO30, SO60, etc., in front of the policy numbers.  If they don’t need to be scheduled, there will be an NO30 in front of the policy number.  If your rental goes over 30 days and does not have a number such as above (including a regular FA number), please reach out to to verify.


If you have any questions regarding our new procedures or requirements, please feel free to reach out to me, Ashleigh, or Emily.  Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!



Dawn Hernandez

Insurance Coordinator

Star Truck Rentals Inc

PH: 616-243-7033 ext. 162