Employee Benefits


Our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why at Star we are committed to a comprehensive employee benefits program that helps our employees stay healthy, feel secure and maintain a work/life balance.  For the most in-depth view of our employee benefits please follow the link below. If you have questions or concerns email us.

Michigan 2021 Benefits


Indiana  2021 Benefits

  • Presentation
  • Benefits Booklet


Once you have reviewed your benefits and watched the presentation go to www.employeenavigator.com to enroll.

You will need the COMPANY IDENTIFIER = STAR TRUCK to enroll.


Considering an HSA but you need to know more…Watch this video to better understand Health Savings Accounts (HSA)


Star Truck Rentals’ vision plan is offered through EyeMed Vision. With EyeMed you have access to the largest network of independent and retail vision providers including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, SvS vision, and many more. See your EyeMed benefit summary in the ‘Documents’ section on your Employee Navigator profile.

The chart below provides a general summary of the plan’s benefits. Please refer to the Benefits Summary that can be found on Employee Navigator and for more information.

Benefits for In-Network Coverage

Exam (every 12 months)

  • $20 copay

Frame Allowance (every 12 months)   

  • $130 allowance then 20% off the remaining balance

Lenses (every 12 months)

Standard Plastic Lenses (single vision, bifocal, trifocal & lenticular)

  • $20 copay for standard lenses

Standard, Premium ProgressiveLenses

  • Range from $85-$130 copay for progressive lenses

Contact Lenses (every 12 months)

Conventional -$130 allowance then 15% off the remaining balance

Disposable -$130 allowance

Contact lenses are considered to be Medically Necessary when prescribed for any one of the following reasons:

  1. visual acuity is not correctable to 20/70 in the better eye except by use of contact lenses.
  2. Contact lenses are prescribed following cataract surgery.
  3. The Covered Person is being treated for a condition such as Keratoconus or Anisometropia.


Sar Truck Rental provides employees with dental coverage through Lincoln Financial.  While you may choose any dentist, using dentists participating in the network should lower your out-of-pocket expenses.  A list of in-network dentists may be accessed at www.lfg.com. You do not need a referral to see a specialist.  By enrolling in the detailed plan you and your enrolled family members will have access to Lincoln DentalConnect, a free online dental health information website.


Deductible (applies to Basic & Major Services)

Individual   $0

Family       $0

Benefit Year Maximum-$1,000

  • Preventative/Basic/Major Services

Diagnostic & Preventative Services-Covered at 100% (deductible waived)

  • Routine exams, Sealants, Fluoride, Space maintainers & X-rays

Basic Services-Covered at 85%

  • Fillings, Simple Extractions, Root Canals, Oral Surgery

Major Services-Covered at 50%

  • Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Bridge Repairs

Orthodontia* – Covered at 50% (deductible waived) *only dependent children under age 19 are eligible

Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum (per dependent child)   – $1,000

6 Tips for Making the Most of Your Dental Plan!

  1. Understand your plan – you will be far less likely to end up with denials and unexpected dental bills.
  2. Read your EOB – your Explanation of Benefits is provided to you every time a claim is paid or denied. Compare it to your itemized receipt to make sure your claim is paid correctly.
  3. Ask for a pre-determination of benefits – Lincoln Financial will process the estimate and let you know how much will be covered.
  4. Know your plan’s limits – contact Lincoln Financial before you have your services to find out how much is still payable BEFORE you have extensive treatment.
  5. Plan multi-stage treatment accordingly – you can plan the stages of treatment to maximize your insurance benefit. If you have extensive treatment, you may be able to plan so that the annual maximum renews between the stages.
  6. Go to your exams and cleanings regularly – problems that are detected early require less work and cost less.